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What skateboard size is best?

27 Nov, 2020



What size skateboard deck should you get?

Most skateboard decks and completes are a similar length, so the most important factor is the width. The width of a skateboard affects how the board is going to turn. Narrower skateboards are easier to turn while wider skateboards are more stable.

For your first skateboard, we recommend choosing a deck that is proportionate to your size:

Under 6’s: 7.5” or less

Ages 6 – 9: 7.5” – 7.75”

Ages 10 – 13: 7.75” – 8.0”

Ages 13+: 8.0”+

In general, skateboarders who like to do flip tricks or more technical tricks prefer a narrower skateboard deck as it turns faster and flips quicker. Skateboarders that prefer to skate bowls, transition (mini ramp or vert), or that skate bigger stairs or handrails usually choose a wider board because they are more stable, flip slower.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to try different deck sizes. There’s no perfect size and the deck you choose comes down to personal preference.

If you need help choosing a skateboard deck or complete skateboard, you can visit one of our stores and one of our team can help you decide on the perfect board for you. Not near a store? Email us for more help.

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