For over 10 years Bataleon Snowboards have led the industry with shape technology, developing and refining Triple Base (3BT) shaped profiles. Every 3BT snowboard features a cambered profile with lifted contact points, giving the rider the best possible control and more enjoyable.


Created by nature or designed by man, the most successful designs take into consideration the forces they will be submitted to. When we were developing 3BT™ we analyzed how snowboards look when put under pressure. What happens when you drive it through a transition or jam it through a turn? Triple Base happens. Triple Base is the pre-shaped form of a board in motion, and just like the wings of a plane or the hull of a boat is curved to perform, best your snowboard should also be shaped for its environment.


After lots of research, analyzing, tinkering, and testing, we came up with our patented 3BT™ shaping technique. All our boards feature tip to tail positive camber in combination with lifted contact points at the widest parts of the board. Over the years we perfected 3BT™ to best perform for every kind of riding by fine tuning the synergies between the flat base, side bases, radii and camber.

Stable Centerbase
There is no base uplift under or between the bindings. This creates a stable area of control underfoot.

Uplift Bindings To Widest Point
Sidebase uplift gradually increases outside of the bindings to the contact points. The gradual rise creates smooth transition zones for turning and buttering, and the raised contact points makes the board less susceptible to edge catch.

Maximum Uplift
The amount of base uplift reaches its maximum at the widest part of the board creating a planing surface that cuts through rough terrain and improves float in powder.

SideKick dramatically increases the sidebase uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain.


The type and placement of fiberglass greatly influences a board’s flex and riding characteristics. Boards are built with a layer of fiberglass atop and below the core. We use a combination of two main types of fiberglass: biaxial and triaxial. Biaxial fiberglass has fibers running every 90 degrees. Triaxial fiberglass has fibers running every 45 degrees.

Tri-Ax Laminate
Our three-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern.

Bi-Ax Laminate
Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.


The base is important as it’s your direct connection to the snow. Bataleon boards are built with two varying types of extruded and sintered bases fine tuned for different conditions and riding styles. All our boards are finished with a factory wax before they leave the factory.

Nano High Speed S
The fastest base money can buy. This base is produced with the ISO- SPORT 7000 black racing series and is what spandex-clad dudes have on their ski boards. No joke.

Ultra Glide S
Maximum molecular content for a hardened sintered base that hauls ass. More molecules mean a denser base that can take a beating using ISO-SPORT 7000 series as backbone.

Hyper Glide S
Our standard sintered base that’s tough and fast, and faster when waxed.

Super Slick X
Not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. That means it’s super slick, durable and maintenance-free.


The wood core is the soul of the board. The type of wood, the grain orientation, and the overall thickness and shaping greatly determines the way it rides. We soursce a number of high quality woods to create our wood cores.

Ultra Light
Our lightest 70-30 Swiss paulownia and poplar wood blend for the lightest strength to weight ratio.

Light Core
Our 50-50 Swiss paulownia and poplar woods blend for optimal strength to weight properties.

Core Core
Full poplar with beech hardwood laid tip to tail along the inserts strengthening the board’s backbone, reinforcing the inserts and producing more pop.


We use additional materials to improve specific riding traits of our boards. Carbon stingers can make a significant difference in how a board performs. By positioning strips of carbon fiber we can fine-tune the flex, pop, edge hold, response, dampening and add an extra layer of awesomeness to your ride.

Carbon Stringers
Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response and smooth dampening to a board. It is used in different ways to fine-tune a board’s ride characteristics.

Our Dual Radial Super Tubes woodcore upgrade features six hollow carbon core inserts parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge.

Our Dual Super Tubes woodcore upgrade has two hollow carbon rods milled into the bottom of the core to enhance pop and give the camber more snap.

Our Central Super Tube woodcore upgrade has one centrally placed hollow carbon rod milled into the bottom of the core to enhance pop without stiffening the board torsionally.


Skate-inspired WallieTips feature curled tips at each end of the board. Wallie Tips add extra freedom to the board when setting up for features.


Sidewalls need to be tough while not disrupting our carefully fine-tuned flex patterns.

Solid Walls
We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

Shock Walls
New for the 1819 collection are urethane infused sidewalls. They smooth out your ride and are more resistant to impact.


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