14 May, 2019



Introducing the Evolve GTR Series Electric Skateboard!

For the last decade Evolve Skateboards have been pioneering the electric skateboard, pushing the boundaries on what is possible. The last two years have been spent developing and testing the next generation in electric skateboards - the Evolve GTR series.

Available in Bamboo or Carbon, the GTR series has been redesigned from the ground up. Dual 1,500 watt motors powered by a 14AH Lithium Ion battery are capable of up to 42km/h and a range of up to 50km. Each and every component has been tweaked with the GTR range sitting on new forged alloy trucks and the Street edition boards rolling on USA made wheels. The GTR is controlled by a Bluetooth enabled handset for instant control.

Pre-order your Evolve GTR now wiith limited stock available early June 2019.

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