Evolve Hadean Revealed

29 Jun, 2021




Evolve Skateboards have released more details on the new Hadean Series electric skateboard.

Releasing on July 2nd, the Evolve Hadean Electric Skateboard comes in Bamboo and Carbon options with both offering ranges of up to 65km thanks to the new 12S4P 21700 691WA Battery Pack. Dual 3000W 6368 motors provide increased torque and power with top speeds of up to 50km/h. The Hadean has been put through it's paces by Evolve Skateboards owner Jeff Anning at Baldwin Street (aka the world's steepest street), easily conquering the steep incline.

Available in two options - the Hadean Carbon Series features Forged Carbon construction for the most strongest, most responsive ride. The Hadean Bamboo Series utilizes the natural flex properties of bamboo for the ultimate carving experience.

The Evolve Hadean also features new Phaze Remote, EFOC control, integrated air vents, customizable lights and intelligent brake lighting for the Ultimate Ride.

The Evolve Hadean Series will be available for pre-order in very limited quantities online and at Boardertown stores nationwide.

Evolve Hadean Specs:

12S4P 21700 691WA Battery Pack.
3000W Dual 6368 Motors
Phaze Remote
EFOC Control
Integrated air vents
Customizable lights,
Intelligent brake lighting

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