Nike SB x Parra Dunk "Abstract Art"

02 Aug, 2021




The postponement of skateboarding's debut on the summer stage might have put some dreams on pause, but it brought others to fruition. Parra's original idea of having a Nike SB Dunk Low Pro coordinate with the Federation Kits he was developing for the moment became a reality. Thanks to the added time and a new opportunity to evolve his design aesthetic using his signature tones and styles.

Furthering his landscape abstraction and signature colours, Parra chose the crispy white classic Dunk Low as the foundation of an entirely new piece, weaving wavy geometrics and swirling colour into expressive accents. Balanced by clean pops of white, a stand-alone black Swoosh and full-coverage illustrated insoles, the Nike SB Parra Dunk Low Pro embodies active imagination.

For the release of the Nike SB x Parra Dunk "Abstract Art", we are giving you the chance to cop by purchasing the Boardertown Helping Hands Tee. Each tee purchased will come with an entry into the raffle to purchase your size in the Parra Dunk a guaranteed 1 in 3 chance of copping.

All profits from the sale of the Helping Hands Tee will be donated to the Gumboot Friday charity.

The Boardertown Helping Hand Tee will go on sale on Wednesday 4th August at 9am from Boardertown Botany, College Hill, Wellington and Christchurch. The raffle will be drawn live in stores at 10am on Tuesday 10th August.

Store Allocations:

Botany: 7 - 12 (US Mens)
College Hill: 8 - 11 (US Mens)
Wellington: 7.5 - 12 (US Mens)
Christchurch: 8 - 12 (US Mens)

Terms & Conditions

A valid bTeam account as registered on or before 1st August 2021.
One T-Shirt/Raffle Entry per customer.
Raffle entries are allocated by shoe size (purchasers size only) and cannot be changed.
Entrants will have a 1 in 3 chance of purchasing their size in the Nike SB x Parra Dunk
Low Pro “Abstract Art”. i.e. If a store has 2 x 7 (US Mens), there will be a maximum of 6 entries available
in that size.
T-Shirts purchased constitute a donation to the Gumboot Friday Charity and cannot be returned or exchanged.
Raffle will be drawn in store on Tuesday 10th August at 10am.
Raffle winners have until 6pm on Thursday 12th August to purchase their pair.
Purchase price for the Nike SB x Parra Dunk: $189.90
All pairs must be worn from the store.
Boardertown reserves the right to refuse sale for any reason.
All profits from sale of the T-Shirts will be donated to the Gumboot Friday Charity.

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