07 Jun, 2016



Straight outta Howick. Find out what makes Leon tick.

Where are you from?
Born in the Boardertown Botany back room, Auckland, New Zealand.

How did you get in to snowboarding and how long ago?
Getting into snowboarding was from the strong influence of an older cousin. My first time snowboarding was 15 years old at Snowplanet.

Where's your favorite place to ride in NZ, and overseas?
Snowplanet has been home for the last 9 years and I wouldn’t be where i was today without it but most fun park in NZ has always been The Remarkables! Overseas Whistler Blackcomb is next level but for a fun day Perisher in Australia on a sunny day!

What's your best travel tip for snowboard missions?
Best tip for a snowboard mission is to double, triple and quadruple check board, boots and pants…. all other things can be improvised.

If you weren't snowboarding, what would you be doing?
If i wasn’t snowboarding I would be pretty damn unhappy. Wakeboarding is a close second but you don’t get the freedom!

Where do you see the future of snowboarding going, quads or carves etc?
My goal for the future in regards to snowboarding has always been to be able to have my kids say wheres dad…. Oh he’s still lapping the park. Also, definitely going to see what Europe has to offer!

What are your goals for winter 2016, adventures or tricks etc?
For winter this year as it has been every year doubles are back on the cards. Finally feeling like I’m finding my rhythm over summer. I'm hanging out to find jumps with a bit of size to have a crack at a few new things!

What's your current setup and sponsors?
For the last five years I have had amazing support from the guys at Boardertown which has been accompanied by my sponsors Bataleon, Switchback, Sandbox and Rad Gloves. This year I am back on the Bataleon Evil Twin which for me is the perfect mix of board and the fourth time I’ve ridden this model!

What's your stance, any secret tips or tweaks?
Goofy stance, always set as wide as possible with 15 degrees on each binding. Secret tips is to think outside the square, some of the best looking tricks are the easiest but never tried… next time try cab off your toe edge.

If you were a cake, what kind would you be?
If i was a cake I be anything but a sponge cake…. dam i have to stop getting injured.

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