Top 5 '90s Skateboard Videos

18 Mar, 2023



The 1990s brought a new era for skateboarding, bringing experimentation and innovation to the streets. Street skating was evolving and a new wave of skateboarders an brands emerged, passing the torch to a new generation. From Guy Mariano to Girl, Andrew Reynolds to Birdhouse, Jamie Thomas to Zero, some of the biggest names in skateboarding were born out of the 90s renaissance, and it was all captured on a VX1000.

Here's a look at our top 5 skateboard videos from the 1990's.

"Mouse" (1997) - Girl Skateboards

"Mouse" is widely considered one of the best skateboard videos of all time. Released in 1996 by Girl Skateboards, it features an all-star cast of skaters including Eric Koston, Jeron Wilson, Gino Iannucci, Guy Mariano, and Rick Howard. Filmed and edited by Spike Jonze, the video is renowned for its creative editing, phenomenal skateboarding, and excellent soundtrack.

"Video Days" (1991) - Blind Skateboards

"Video Days" helped to define the style of 90s skate videos. Released in 1991 by Blind Skateboards, the video features legendary skaters like Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson, Guy Mariano and Jason Lee. Still skating on shaped boards, the video features heavy hitting street footage, setting the tone for videos to come.

"Welcome to Hell" (1996) - Toy Machine

Featuring a barrage of handrails, stair sets and skateboarding that would be considered heavy today, "Welcome to Hell" is a raw look at skateboarding in the 1990s. Released in 1996 by Toy Machine, the video features skaters like Ed Templeton, Mike Maldonado, Jamie Thomas, and Brian Anderson. The video is known for its intense skateboarding and its dark and disturbing visuals.

"Virtual Reality" (1993) - Plan B Skateboards

Founded by Mike Ternasky, Danny way and Colin McKay, Plan B created a 90s super team featuring Mike Carroll, sal Barbier, Rick Howard, Rodney Mullen and Shaun Sheffey. On it's release, Plan B's "Virtual Reality" blew minds with it's never before seen tricks, technical street skateboarding, and style for days. 30 years later, Virtual Reality is still considered by many to be the best skateboard video ever made.

"The End" (1998) - Birdhouse

"The End" is an iconic skateboard video that is considered a classic of the 1990s. Released in 1998 by Birdhouse Skateboards, the video features skaters like Steve Berra, Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, and Heath Kirchart. The rumored $1m budget was put to good use, with incredible video parts backed up by memorable skits and a Mexican finale featuring Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek.

The 1990s was a groundbreaking era for skateboarding videos. From the pioneering "Virtual Reality" to the intense "Welcome to Hell," and the classic "The End," these videos helped to define the culture and style of skateboarding in the 90s.

The introduction of the VX1000 camera and fisheye lenses allowed tricks to be seen like never before, while loose music copyright laws meant that no song was safe from becoming the backing track for skateboard parts.

Whether you were around in the 90s or are just starting to skateboard, these videos are a must-watch.

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