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Skateboard Decks

Boardertown’s award-winning skateboard deck shop has plenty of cool skateboard designs on offer for skaters of all skill levels.

Best Skateboard Decks

We have over 500 skateboard decks on offer with quality skateboard hardware and the newest skateboard designs.

Shop Skate Decks Online

With cool skateboard designs from renowned manufacturers such as Real, Baker, Deathwish, and Palace, all of our skate decks also come with free grip tape and free freight to any part of New Zealand.

How to choose a skateboard deck

Whether you’re after a popsicle shape, shaped board, or a cruiser, we have a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and concaves of the best skateboard decks for you. If you need help tracking down a skate deck that's perfect for your skating style and level of ability, don't hesitate to give one of our professional staff an email or call at 09 973 5501.

When to replace skateboard decks?

General wear and tear is normal for skateboard decks, especially on rougher streets, meaning they need to be replaced anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If the nose or tail are cracked or chipped, the pop is lost on your board, your soles don’t properly grip the grain of the deck anymore, or it’s been in contact with water, it’s worth heading back to a skateboard deck shop – so you can keep progressing and learning new tricks.

What size skateboard deck should I get?

We recommend choosing a skateboard deck that is proportional to your shoe size. An 8-inch skateboard deck is generally a good size for beginners, as experience will show you whether you need a wider width later. We stock brands such as Primitive, Deathwish, and Baker in this size.

What width skateboard deck should I get?

Our skate decks range from 7.75’- 10.34’ in width. The high speed of transition skating requires a wider skateboard deck for more stability. If you're after the quick manoeuvres of street skating, narrower boards such as Real and Baker are right for you. It should feel comfortable under your feet when riding.

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