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14 May, 2023



Lucas Beaufort is a talented artist and filmmaker who has established himself in the world of skateboarding and beyond. His unique style and approach to art have earned him a reputation as an innovator, embracing social media Lucas has built a global following. Whether creating stunning paintings, writing books, or designing eye-catching graphics, Lucas is a true creative force who has inspired countless people around the world.

We first connected with Lucas Beaufort on a trip to New Zealand with Converse. We were privileged to have Lucas visit our College Hill store to paint an art piece for the store. Since then, we have continued our friendship with Lucas, designing a series of decks and apparel, and more recently we were fortunate to be included in Lucas' incredible book on the 40 year history of skate stores, "Heart". Lucas' passion for skateboarding shine through in Heart, canvassing the world to bring together the finest skateboard shops. Heart paints a picture of the stores, their owners and communities.

We reached out to Lucas to ask him a few questions about his passion for skateboarding and how it relates to art.

How did you get into skateboarding?

Actually, my mum bought me and my brother a skateboard around 6 years old. This was a plastic board and we were just going down the road on our knees, super fun time. Then I really understood what it was at the age of 14 (1995). My mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I asked for a real skateboard. Everything started in Toulouse (France), when I entered OKLA skate shop. Since then, I didn’t spend a day without watching a skate video haha.

What inspired you to combine skateboarding and art in your work?

Well, I started to paint pretty late, I was 27 years old. When I stared I had no clue what I was doing, this was just for fun. Then, organically, I combined my passions together, this was so natural and now one can’t go without the other.

What has been your favorite project to work on so far and why?

Definitely working on my 1st documentary on skateboard media that I released in 2017 called DEVOTED.

What a pleasure to meet all your heroes to talk about print and skateboarding. I think the most incredible moment was definitely Marc Johnson. Then, working on the book (Heart) celebrating 40 years of skate shops’ history was a thing too.

How do you see the relationship between skateboarding and art impacting the culture?

I think that’s what I love the most. When I started skateboarding, I didn’t know nothing about the culture, I was just driven by the art under the board. Then, I started to get into it and learn more about the history and legacy. How skateboarding culture is impacting the world more than ever makes me feel like I chose the right toy to play with.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who want to pursue a career in the skateboard industry?

I would say, keep creating no matter what they say. Be curious and bring people together.


Connected is a series of short interviews with skateboarders, snowboarders, artists, photographers, business owners and others that have inspired us on our journey with Boardertown. We hope to inspire the next generation and continue to grow the skate and snowboard communities.

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