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Welcome to Boardertown – Your Premier Skate Shop in New Zealand!

Boardertown is your ultimate destination for all things skateboarding in NZ. We carry New Zealand's best range of skateboards, decks, complete skateboards, trucks, wheels and bearings. Dive into the world of skateboarding with all the premium brands like Real, Baker, Deathwish, Welcome, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones, Hockey, Fucking Awesome, Carpet, Polar and more.


For 20 years, Boardertown has been New Zealand’s premium destination for skateboards, with an unparalleled range including street skateboards, old school boards and a wide collection of egg and custom shapes from Heroin and Welcome skateboards. Get started with a street deck, with a near symmetrical shape, perfect for learning to skate and getting rolling. For those looking to skate bowls, ramps and transitions, our selection of wider park decks are defined by their wider decks and asymmetrical shapes provide optimal control and manoeuvrability.

Shop our longboard selection which boasts extended decks and larger, softer wheels, providing a smooth and stable ride ideal for cruising or downhill carving. The cruiser skateboard merges style with functionality, designed for commuting with a compact shape and softer wheels to handle varied terrains.

Electric Skateboards: Amp up Your Ride

Experience the future of skateboarding with our electric skateboard selection. Evolve your commute or simply enjoy a new level of exhilaration with cutting-edge electric skateboards. Explore the power and convenience of electric skateboarding with the latest models and technology.

Skateboard Accessories - Decks, Wheels, Trucks and more

At Boardertown, we understand that each person has a unique style. Explore our wide range of skateboard decks, wheels, and trucks to customise your setup to suit your individual style. We stock a wide range of skateboard decks in different shapes and graphics to suit your unique style.

Grip Tape and More: Perfect Your Setup

Fine-tune your board with high-quality grip tape and accessories. Our selection of griptape ensures that your feet stay firmly planted on the board, giving you the control you need for tricks and turns. Enhance your skate experience with the right accessories – all available at Boardertown.

Boardertown Skate Shops NZ

Boardertown is more than a skate shop; it's a home for skateboard enthusiasts across New Zealand. Shop online and browse our extensive collection of skateboards, electric skateboards, and accessories, or visit us in-store and get expert advice from our passionate team.

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