Top 5 '90s Snowboard Videos

28 Mar, 2023



With the emerging popularity of snowboarding in the early 1990's, with it came a vibrant and creative culture that was captured in some of the best snowboard videos ever made. These videos showcased some of the most talented riders and innovative tricks of their time that continue to inspire and entertain snowboarders today.

Here are our top 5 snowboard videos of the 1990s:

The Hard, The Hungry, and The Homeless (1992)

From Mackdawg Productions (Mike McEntire), this classic snowboard film showcases the raw energy and style of snowboarding. It featured legendary riders like Craig Kelly, Noah Salasnek, Jeff Brushie and Bryan Iguchi, and captured the rebellious spirit of the sport.

Totally Board (1990)

Produced by Standard Films, this video was a breakthrough in snowboard filmmaking that went on to spawn numerous sequals. It featured a mix of freestyle and backcountry riding, and introduced audiences to a new level of athleticism and creativity in snowboarding. Released in 1990 and filmed in the late '80s, Totally Board (TB1) is littered with neon outerwear and directional boards that would fit into any modern snowboard shop today.

The Resistance (2000)

Released in 2000, this video from Mack Dawg Productions showcased the progression of snowboarding in the late-1990s. Filmed with the Forum Snowboards team, The Resistance features a who's who of '90s snowboarding including Peter Line, Jeremy Jones, Devun Walsh JP Walker and Bjorn Leines, pushing the limits of snowboarding in the streets and backcountry.

Day Tripper 2 - Still Trippin (1997)

With a young Travis Parker, MFM, Daniel Franck, Kevin Jones and Capita co-founder Blue Montgomery among others, Day Tripper 2 from Stick Magazine gives a raw view of '90s snowboarding.

Decade (1998)

This video from Mack Dawg Productions celebrated 10 years of snowboard filmmaking and showcased the progression of the sport over the decade. It featured a mix of skateboarding and snowboarding, and included Natas Kaupas, Danny Way, Noah Salasnek, Jeff Brushie, JF Pelchat, Shannon Dunn, Kevin Jones and more.

The 1990's saw the emergence of snowboarding to the mainstream. Film makers like Standard and Mack Dawg Productions were on hand to document the progression of riders like Jeff Brushie, JP Walker, Devun Walsh, MFM and Kevin Jones. They captured the essence of snowboarding and inspired a new generation of riders to push the boundaries of the sport.

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