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22 Mar, 2023



Zion Wright is a true ATV, in league with a rare few such as Grant Taylor, and Ishod Wair. Being able to skate anything, Zion produced numerous street parts and competed in high-profile competitions, such as the X Games, the Dew Tour and the Vans Park Series. Hailing from Jupiter Florida, Zion has skated most of his life and risen to become one of the most productive professional skaters. In 2021, Zion joined the Vans Family.

Zion Wright continues his rise with Vans Skateboarding, releasing a custom take on the new Zahba shoe with details inspired by the lighthouses and space themes of his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. After revisiting his Jupiter Rising Part with Real Skateboards and his other parts, we bring you our top 5 Zion Wright Clips.

5. Godspeed By Davonte Jolly 2020

At the end of 2020, Davonte Jolly dropped Godspeed in line the launch of Illegal Civ as a board brand. Alex Midlers backside 360 into carwash bank closed the video and blew up the internet, although Zion Wright's stylish line (@47:28) at a DIY that is a stand out for us. Flowing through the DYI with ease proves Zion's true ability as an ATV.

4. Zion Wright 'Real' Part

In 2019, Real skateboards released a solo Zion part with Thrasher Magazine. Zion proves "it's not what you do it's how you do it" with a smooth Nollie Backside Heelflip down a 3 block (@1:20) in front of security. With amazing form this is one to watch on repeat.

3. Magnifed: Zion Wright

From the mag, Thrasher Magazine show us the footage of a rare 540 at a street spot in July 2016. Don't get it twisted, the Big O in Montreal is far from a perfect mini ramp with steep walls and holes to watch for.

2. Zion Wright's "Jupiter Rising" Real Part

In November 2018, Real Skateboards dropped Jupiter Rising featuring Zion Wright. This part was Zion's second video part to drop that year. Zion's second part to release in 2018, Jupiter Rising is stacked with heavy new footage and the Backside 50-50 Gap to Backside Smith Grind on two handrails is proof (@5:14).

1. My War: Zion Wright

For the top spot, Thrasher Magazine takes us behind the scenes. The Hollywood High 16-stair is one of skateboarding’s most iconic proving grounds and Zion's fakie half cab back smith is one for the history books. First seen in as the ender in Zion Wright's 'Real' Part by Real Skateboards cementing a young Zion Wright as one of the best up and comers.

Zion is supported by Real Skateboards, Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, Redbull, Nixon, Glassy Sunhaters, Skatepark of Tampa, Bronson, and Shake Junt

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