Pioneering Board Sports Culture in New Zealand

Since its inception in the vibrant fringes of East Auckland's Howick in 2004, Boardertown has been a cornerstone in the New Zealand skate and snowboard scene. Undeterred by the trials of break-ins and a ram raid in our formative years, our relentless dedication to the board sports community propelled us to a new home in Botany Town Centre in 2007. This move marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey for us as a brand and the communities we serve.

Award-Winning Excellence & Customer Commitment

Over the years, Boardertown has flourished, evolving into a multi-award-winning retailer recognized for Small Business of the Year, Emerging Business of the Year, and Excellence in Customer Service Delivery at the Manukau Business Awards. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, service, and the drive to offer the best for skateboarders and snowboarders across New Zealand.

Expansion & Online Growth

2013 heralded a significant expansion with our second store opening in College Hill, a stone's throw from the heartbeat of Auckland’s skate culture, Victoria Park Skatepark. This strategic location allowed us to extend our reach online, fortifying our presence in New Zealand's skate and snow communities.

November 2017 and October 2018 marked new chapters with Boardertown taking root in Christchurch CBD and Tauranga Crossing, respectively.

Queenstown's Boardertown & The Famous Skate Bowl

Our stride into Queenstown in 2015 unveiled a flagship store at Five Mile in Frankton, home to our renowned in-store skateboard bowl. Open to the public year-round, the bowl offers a dedicated space for local and visiting skateboarders to hone their craft.

Community Driven, Future Focused

Boardertown's spirit lies in the heart of the community. From aiding the development of skate parks around New Zealand to sponsoring skateboard and snowboard events, we're invested in fostering talent from the grassroots level. Our skateboard and snowboard teams stand as a symbol of our dedication to the sports we love and the people who live for them.

Join Our Journey

Our mission is to create inclusive stores, curating the best skateboarding, snowboarding, footwear and streetwear essentials from New Zealand and around world. Explore our extensive range of products, meet our passionate team, and step into a world where every push and turn is a nod to the culture Boardertown embodies.

In Boardertown, we're more than just a retailer — we're a destination, a community, and a hallmark of board sports excellence. Be a part of our ever-growing story.

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