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Footwear and Shoes at Boardertown

At Boardertown we are your premier destination for all things Skate and street style. Check out our shoe collection which includes slides, jandals, and skate shoes, in renowned brands like Nike SB, Adidas, Havaianas and DC Shoes whether you're in the skatepark or cruising the streets. Boardertown has the perfect footwear to boost your performance and style.

Slides and Jandals

Explore the laid-back side of our footwear collection with slides and jandals perfect for casual comfort on any adventure. Whether you're heading to the beach, poolside, or cruising after a skate session, our slides and jandals provide the ideal blend of ease and style. Embrace the Kiwi lifestyle with footwear designed for ultimate relaxation.

Skate Shoes NZ

Skate shoes are more than just footwear; they are a fundamental element of the skateboarder's identity and performance. Designed with a unique blend of style and functionality, skate shoes are built to withstand the high demands of skateboarding. Known for their flat soles, reinforced stitching, performance uppers and grippy outsoles, these shoes provide the optimal balance of board feel and durability to withstand the demands of skateboarding. Skate shoes come in a diverse array of styles, reflecting individuality and creativity. At Boardetown we carry all the iconic brands like Nike SB, Vans, adidas, New Balance Numeric and DC Shoes. Skate shoes have become a symbol of street culture, embodying the rebellious spirit of the skateboarding community. Whether navigating urban landscapes or your local skatepark, the right pair of skate shoes not only enhances performance but is a personal expression within the vibrant skate culture.

Adidas Shoes: Three Stripes, Infinite Style

Run the streets in style with our adidas skate shoe collection. Boardertown proudly offers the legendary Three Stripes, combining skate functionality with Adidas' signature design. From heritage styles to modern interpretations, our Adidas shoes cater to skateboarders who demand performance and style.

DC Shoes

Push your skate game with our range of DC Shoes. Known for their skate driven design and ‘90’s streetwear aesthetics, DC Shoes at Boardertown brings you the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Look good and skate better in our DCs. .

Nike Shoes: Iconic Footwear

Boardertown is proud to carry Nike SB shoes that go beyond the skatepark. From the streets to everyday wear, our Nike SB collection offers iconic footwear suitable for various occasions. Embrace the legendary swoosh and experience comfort, style, and performance in every step.

At Boardertown, we invite you to explore our footwear collection and gear up for your next skate adventure. Shop online or visit our stores across New Zealand to experience the best in street footwear, handpicked for chargers like you.

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