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16 Mar, 2023



Founded in 2001, Bataleon Snowboards is a pioneer in snowboard development thanks to the innovation of 3D shaped snowboards and the introduction of Triple Base Technology (3BT).

The story of Bataleon Snowboards begins in Norway, where bio-phycisist and Bataleon co-founder Jorgen Karlsen began looking at the bio-dynamics of snowboarding and the limitations of traditional camber boards. Karlsen began experimenting with different shapes and designs to find a better way to ride which resulted in the development of Triple Base Technology.

Triple Base Technology (3BT) involves adding a convex base shape to the tip and tail of a snowboard, which provides lift and a catch-free ride similar to a rocker board. However, the center section of the board maintains a traditional camber shape, providing stability, edge control, and pop. Bataleon uses Triple Base Technology throughout it's snowboard range, varying the width of the Triple Base, tailoring the response to suit the board. Freeride 3BT features a deeper convex with a narrower flat section results in a smoother transition in turns, more suited to all-mountain and powder riding. Freestyle and Park 3BT feature a shorter 3BT wider flat section and shallower 3BT, resulting in a more stable ride similar to a traditional cambered board, while retaining the catch-free properties of 3BT.

Triple Base Technology has proven to be the most versatile snowboard profile, with board options to suit beginners through to professional riders.

Over the years, Bataleon Snowboards has continued to innovate and expand its range of products. In addition to its Triple Base Technology, the company has developed other features, such as SideKick, which adds extra contact points to the board's edges for improved floatation and turn initiation.

The Bataleon international snowboard team includes Beyond Medals co-founder Tor Lundstrom and Olympian Klaudia Medlova, along with Tyler Chorlton, Morgan Freeman, Annika Freeman and New Zealanders Roland Morley-Brown (RMB) and Maria Kuzma. Bataleon works closely with the team in the development of new models including the Tor's new Beyond Medals model.

The Bataleon Snowboards range has expanded and now includes men's, women's and youth snowboards with models designed for beginners through to advanced riders. Triple Base Technology (3BT) has been applied to the entire range, including park, freestyle, all-mountain and powder specific snowboards. Some of the best selling models include:

Bataleon Evil Twin
The Evil Twin is one of Bataleon's most popular models and has won multiple awards for its versatile freestyle design. It features a medium flex, traditional camber profile, and the Triple Base Technology for added pop and playfulness.

Bataleon Goliath
The Goliath is a popular all-mountain board that is versatile enough to handle any terrain. It has a directional twin shape, traditional camber profile, and a medium-stiff flex that makes it stable at high speeds.

Bataleon Fun.Kink
The Fun.Kink is a softer flexing board that is ideal for freestyle riders who like to jib and hit rails. It features the Triple Base Technology, a true twin shape, and a playful flex that makes it easy to press and butter.

Bataleon Disaster
The Disaster is a jib-focused board that is designed for park riding and urban jibbing. It has a soft flex, true twin shape, and a Triple Base Technology that makes it forgiving and easy to ride.

Bataleon Party Wave
The Party Wave features a volumetric, directional shape with a medium flexing camber profile. The wider directional shape, combined with 3BT and Sidekick make it the ideal powder board while the shorter length makes it nimble through the trees and fun carver on-piste.

The best selling Evil Twin, Goliath, Disaster and Party Wave are now available in the Plus Series, featuring lighter, more responsive cores and faster bases for high performance riders.

Bataleon Snowboards in one of the most innovative brands in the snowboarding industry and is sure to continue to push the boundaries of snowboard design and technology into the future.

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