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Snow Goggles

Protect your eyes from snow glare, ice particles, and other mountain hazards with our range of snow goggles, and make sure you see the optimum amount of terrain stretching before you when you drop through the trees.

Shop Ski Goggles - NZ

Trusted brands such as Oakley, Electric, Spy, and Anon make up our huge collection of over 300 ski goggles. NZ-based, we ship our snowboard goggles nationwide for free, or you can visit one of our stores in person to ensure the best fit for you.

Best Snowboard Goggles

Our most popular pair of snowboard goggles, the Spy Marauder Goggle, comes in a frameless style, visually enhanced lens technology, and magnetic lenses that are securely bolted in place as you ride, whereas our Anon Helix 2.0 Goggles boasts anti-fog technology and a curved fit for smaller faces. All ski and snowboard goggles offer some basic protection from wind and glare – browse through our selection of cool snowboard goggles to find the pair for you.

How to choose snowboard goggles

When you’re looking to buy snow goggles, check if they fit well with your helmet or beanie and the face foam follows the curves of your face. Choose or swap out colours and lens tints to suit different weather conditions – yellow, rose, or blue lenses have a higher VLT range for visibility in low-light fog or snow, whereas black or mirrored lenses function better on sunny days.

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