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Skateboard Wheels

Whether you’re ripping up the rails at the skatepark, or prefer to skate on the streets with your friends, Boardertown is home to some of the top skateboard wheels. NZ-wide shipping is free for any orders over $50, and we stock world-class skateboard wheel brands such as Bones and Spitfire.

Shop Skateboard Wheels & Components Online

We have selected a range of skateboard wheels and trucks from leading brands such as Independent, Thunder, Venture, and Krux. Trucks are integral to the custom set-up of how your board behaves. Choose between high and low trucks, and softer vs harder and big vs small skateboard wheels.

Our Skateboard Wheel Brands

Our dynamic collection of skateboard wheel brands covers cutting-edge designs by Bones, Spitfire, Slime Balls, OJ & more. We stock the go-to skater’s choice of Bones Super Reds bearings, as well as the non-corrosive and incredibly light Bones Ceramic Super Reds made in Switzerland. Skateboard wheels and bearings are a great investment for a smooth ride.

Big vs Small Skateboard Wheels

If you're deciding on different types of skateboard wheels, the larger the skateboard wheel diameter, the faster you will roll. A smaller wheel is lighter and easier to do flip tricks with. Softer skateboard wheels (below 90A) are designed to withstand rougher terrain and give a smoother and grippier ride. Harder wheels (above 90A and anything with a D rating) are suitable for urban and skate park skating on smoother terrain.

How tight should skateboard wheels be?

Your skateboard wheels should be tight enough so that they spin freely and provide enough stability at fast speeds. A good guide is to check if they wiggle on the truck’s axle (too loose), or too tight that they stop spinning after a few seconds.

How to remove skateboard wheels

Our shops have precise T-shaped skateboard tools for removing the bearings from skateboard wheels, as well as specialised bearings tools to prevent shield damage when prying the wheel. If you’re unsure of the process, please head into one of our stores and we’ll be glad to help.

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